2016     The Twin Bridge,  The World Architecture News Transport Award
                Prize:     Longlist
                Promoter of Competition:    UK Construction Week, World Cities Network    
                Place of Project:    Tai'an, China
2016     The Tianyi Lake Children's Experience Pavilion,  The World Architecture News                                  Commercial Award
                Prize:     Longlist
                Promoter of Competition:    UK Construction Week, World Cities Network    
                Place of Project:    Tai'an, China
                Site Area:    20000 m2
                Gross Floor Area:    9500m2
2015     The Dormitory Design Competition in South China University of Science and                                    Technology Invited design competition
                Prize:     First Prize
                Promoter of Competition:    South China University of Science and Technology    
                Collaborators:     Shenzhen Hua Hui Design
                Place of Project:    Shenzhen, China
                Site Area:    77676 m2
                Gross Floor Area:    125854 m2
2015    “Low Carbon City” Architecture Solution and Urban Strategy Competition International urban design competition
                 Prize:     Top Eight Finalist (100,000 RMB)
                Clients:    China Merchants Group      
                Collaborators:     Shenzhen Hua Hui Design     Shenzhen Green Capital Low Carbon Architectural Design and Research     Institute Ltd.
                Place of Project:    Shenzhen, China
                Site Area:    100 Hectares
                Gross Floor Area:    180 Hectares
2014    eMerging Sci-Garden City 汇谷林城, International Design Competition (Anonymous)  
Prize:     Top Prize (800,000 RMB)
Collaborator:    Shenzhen Huahui Design Co., Ltd.
Name of Competition:    “Super City” International Competition
2014    The Vanke Dreamworks,     Experiential Gallery and Sales for Housing Products, Design                  and Built Project / International Design Award
Name of Organization:     Shenzhen Municipal Government
Client:     Vanke Shenzhen Architects:    dotA & Huahui Design
Place of Project:    Shenzhen, China
Project Distinction:    Selected to be one of the top 25 projects of the year 2014 for the Completed Projects, Commercial Award Category, World Architecture News (WAN)
2014    40 Under 40, 2014, Award under The Architecture Category, Recognizing High-flying                  Design Talents Of Today & Tomorrow, Award
Organization:     Perspective Magazine
Place of Award:     Hong Kong
Date of Award:    May 2014
2014    Broken Bridge, Hidden Dragon 斷橋藏龍         International Professional Competition                   (Anonymous)
Prize:     First Prize (400,000 HKD)     Selected as the to-be-built project by the HK Government
Name of Competition:    Design Ideas Competition for Preservation Corridor for Lung     Tsun Stone Bridge Remnants
Place of Competition:     Hong Kong
Number of Entries:    130 from Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas
2011    E-dot 易家     National Open Competition (Anonymous)  
Prize:     First Prize (100,000 RMB), Overall Category
Collaborator:    Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute     DODOV Chengdu, 成都多维设计事务所 Name of Competition:    1 Unit, 100 Families, 10,000 Residents, The Ideas     Competition for Social Housing in Shen Zhen     一户、百姓、万家,2011保障房设计竞赛
Place of Competition:     Shenzhen, China
Number of Entries:    105 from the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan
2010    The Bow Pavilion     International Open Competition (Anonymous)
Prize:     Honorable Mention
Other Contributor:    Chang Qiang 常强, Duo Ning 朵宁
Name of Competition:    REPEAT Competition
Organization of Competition:     tex-fab, Digital Fabrication Alliance, Dallas / Houston / San     Antonio Place of Competition:     Houston, USA
2008    The GAP Gallery     International Open Competition (Anonymous)
Prize:     Honorable Mention
Name of Competition:    London 2008: Adapable Architecture Gallery
Promoter of Competition:     Arquitectum     Architectural Association School of Architecture, London
Place of Competition    London, UK
Number of Entries:    347 projects from all around the world
2008    The Cyber Self-Organized Bus Stop     National Open Competition (Anonymous)                          Researcher
Prize:     Third Prize
Name of Competition:    Bus Stop Competition
Promoter of Competition:     World Architecture Magazine and “5+1 Werkhart International”
Place of Competition    Beijing, China
2006    The Spiral Bridge     International Open Competition (Anonymous)
Prize:     Final Top Six Run-up
Name of Competition:    Clifton Crossing International Competition
Promoter of Competition:     University of Bristol     New Civil Engineer Magazine
2004    F.O.R.M.         International Open Competition M
Prize:     First Prize
Name of Competition:    The 3rd IIIA Membrane Design Competition
Promoter of Competition:     Korean Association of Shell Structure     Idea Image Institute Of Architects South Korea
Place of Competition    South Korea

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