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​应用研究项目 Applied R&D Projects


  • 2016      万科(深圳)学校环境/景观标准化设计研究与导则。

  • 2018      未来学校 - ​支持多样化学习场景的校园空间设计与研究,委托方深圳龙华区和平实验小学,国家教育局颁发的学校研究基金支持项目。


  • 2018      深圳罗湖区清水河站交通整合站城一体化设计研究,与深圳华汇建筑设计有限公司合作,万科(深圳)委托。

  • 2015      深圳​龙岗低碳城市设计和建筑群体研究,深圳华汇建筑设计有限公司委托。   

  • 2013      北京燕郊丽泽城市新区参数化城市设计(149,850m2),清华建筑设计研究院委托。

  • 2010      贵州黔东南凯里高铁新区山地城市参数化设计研究,同济城市及建筑设计研究院委托。


  • 2018     “驿殿”装配式可拆卸、可变化酒店原型建筑产品整体解决方案

  • 2012     开源集合住宅设计研究

Culture and Education

  • Vanke Shenzhen School Public Space / Landscape Standard Design Research and Guidance                                                  2016 (Completed)

  • Future School - School Space for Diversified Learning Activities by the Client Heping Experimental School in Longhua Shenzhen, a State Funded Educational Project.                                           2018 (ongoing)

Urban Research (TOD)

  • Shenzhen Qing Shui River TID, Experimental Holistic Design for An Integrated Station Complex Urban Compound Design Strategic and Theoretic Research.

  • “Low Carbon City” Architecture Solution and Urban Strategy, funded by Urban Planning Land and Resources Commission of Long Gang District, Shenzhen Municipality.

  • Huarun Lize CBD Urban Design with Computational Generation of Land Use and Massing Configurations (149,850m2), Beijing, China. Commissioned by Tsinghua Architectural Design and Research Institute.

  • Kai Li Minority Culture & Leisure Complex (1.72km2), Preliminary Architectural Design and Planning with Computational Vernacular Architecture Process, Gui Zhou Province, China, Commissioned by Tongji Urban Planning and Architectural Design & Research Institute.

Making Products 

  • The Range Palace Reversible Prefabricated Hostel with Fast and Adaptable Construction Solution. 

  • The Open Resource Housing Design Research 

​建筑写作 Architectural Words

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