iDEA’s design agenda is to develop an architecture that emerges from the critical thinking of the present architectural practice. iDEA questions the established pattern and seeks to develop a synthesis of a cohesive architectural organization that could be engineered into endurable future. This approach positions iDEA’s practice within the domain of architectural discipline while embracing the rich heterogeneity and flux of social, cultural, material, and ecological substrates.
Our professional design service will award our clients’ investment with innovative, intelligent, and interdisciplinary architectural design proposals.
Innovation stays at the heart of our service philosophy. We appreciate the knowledge economy and believe in the value of innovation globally. Our innovation will be rooted in the project context and constraints with respect to clients’ essential interests. Our design innovation is surprisingly satisfactory with unexpected yet fitful new possibilities beyond the design solutions for problems.
Intelligence is the engine to power our design process. We believe that every project has its own uniqueness. The customized design approach will be engineered to become design strategies and intelligence, which guarantee the excellence of our design products.
Interdisciplinary maps out our belief in seeking design concepts. We encourage a mix of expertise in the very early design stage, including but not limited to engineers, programmers, suppliers, contractors, because we never thought the architectural design is about its ontological investigation and creation. It is our vision that architectural creativity will likely emerge through interdisciplinary thinking while our knowledge is increasingly distributed, digitized, specialized, and connected.

iDEA 活跃于香港和深圳为中心的亚洲地区。 iDEA 充分结合合伙人在实践领域多年的经验,和在亚洲顶级高校教学研究的前沿性与科学性,已经赢得多个国际设计竞赛头奖,承接了多个极具挑战性和创造性的高显示度项目的委托设计。 iDEA 已经参与了从室内设计,展览设计,建筑设计,旅游规划,景观设计到城市设计等不同规模和类型的设计项目。公司创始人具有国际多元化的背景、共享的理念和数字化技术平台。 iDEA 从创立伊始,就打破传统的按照尺度划分项目类型的局限,力图在更深层次的经济、社会、文化、理论和技术层面,立足于每一个项目的特性和共性,摸索建筑类设计本质的、顺应时代最新发展变化的设计策略和方法,在充分满足业主预期的同时,把设计拓展到空间内容的运营策划层面,在此前提下坚持我们的追求。 iDEA 是一个不断自我重新定义的开放体系,目标是“创新”(Innovative)、“睿智”(Intelligent)和“跨界”(Interdisciplinary)

Gao Yan 高瑞研
Founding Partner iDEA 创始合伙人
RIBA ARB / HKIBIM 英国皇家建筑师学会注册建筑师
B.Arch;., Tsinghua University 清华大学建筑学学士
M.Arch;.,AA School, London 伦敦AA建筑联盟学院建筑学硕士
Guo Xin郭馨
Founding Partner iDEA 创始合伙人
B.Arch;., SCUT University 华南理工大学建筑学学士
M.Arch;., AA School, London 伦敦AA建筑联盟学院建筑学硕士

Mr. Gao has completed a varety of architectural projects in both UK and China and won numeric internatinal competitions in USA, UK, Mainland China and Hong Kong S.A.R.. He teaches at the University of Hong Kong with expertise in interdesciplinary design methodlogies in the dimeonsion of society, environmet, policy, technology and sustainability.


Ms. Guo is endeavoured in applying the pioneering design theories to the architectural design practice as well as the process of construction, aiming to push the utilization of new technologies, new materials in the realm of architecture, urban, landscape design and beyond. Before joining iDEA, Ms Guopracticed at ATKINS HK Office for a number of years. 


Zhou Nan 周楠
Founding Partner HCD 创始合伙人、首席建筑师

Senior Hotel Designer 资深酒店设计师

AIA, NCARB, LEED AP 美国注册建筑师,LEED认证建筑师

Class 1 Architect China 中国一级注册建筑师

M.Arch, Miami University of Ohio 阿密大学建筑学硕士

B.Arch, Tianjin University 天津大学建筑学学士

Christopher Groesbeck


Founding Partner HCD 创始合伙人、首席建筑师

AIA, NCARB, LEED AP 美国建筑师学会注册建筑师

Adjunct Professor, College of Architecture, IIT Chicago


 Nan has over 20 years of experience including commercial, high-rise residential, education, conference facilities, hospitality, and mixed- use projects in the United States, Asia and the EU. He was a former Principal of VOA Associates Inc. Nan’s expertise is in urban planning and hospitality.


He has over 38 years of professional experience with an expertise in city and community planning as well as design of public assembly spaces and mixed- use developments for corporate and institutional clients both nationally and internationally. His professional work has won numerous awards including the prestigious ULI Global Award of Excellence for the Wabash Tower at Roosevelt University in Chicago. His work is published internationally and is represented in the United States, the EU, the Mideast, Asia and South America.


Celine Li  李思霖
Liang Zhikui 梁志葵
Chief Administrator
Huang Wenying  黄文颖
Design Associate Director
Zeng Junjie  曾俊杰    
Lead Architect
Wu Bin  吴彬
Consulting Project Architect
 Li Qiang 李强
Asssociate Project Architect
Tu Dengwen 涂登文
Architectural Designer
Qiong Li 卢琼丽
Assistant Architect
He Ziyi 何梓艺
Assistant Architect
Ye Sha 叶莎
Assistant Architect
Yang Jianyou  杨剑铀
Associate Director
Deng Xiaowei 邓小薇
Architectural Designer
Deng Shishang 邓诗尚
Assistant Architect
He Yuqing 何雨晴
Assistant Architect
Lin Jiaming 林嘉铭
Assistant Architect
Cheng Zixuan 程子轩
Assistant Architect
Zhang Hai Xia  张海霞
Consulting Technical
Zhang Yufeng  张玉凤
Senior Landscape Architect
Huang Shi Qian 黄仕倩
Consulting Director for Landscape
Li Yingying   李莹莹
Landscape Architect
Wei Junan 魏俊安
Construction designer

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